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  • Winter to the boots are bought it?

    Winter is most looking to wear a single product, in addition to coats, there are neat handsome boots. Everyone knows that a pair of boots, It is the weapon of It girl. No matter what winter coat you wear, or even down jacket, boots can immediately come back to help you fashion. And boots style is very diverse, Martin boots, snow boots, high boots, Chelsea boots, etc., there is always a pair of intimate with you winter! Martin under armour womens shoes boots is Xiao Bian's first recommendation, because it is definitely a classic boots, how long will not be obsolete? This pair of Martin boots both tie-up elements, but also Chelsea boots stretch element, can be described as the British wind burst shed, suitable for every favorite under armour womens shoes British college style wearing style girl.

    In the cold wind and rain in the winter, what is more warm than a pair of snow boots it! This pair of snow boots, both colorful colors for your choice, there are lovely cartoon embroidery light your girl heart. Boring season, we should do a fun girl is not it!

    Knight-style boots, it is suitable for this year's neutral trend. It has a lot of benefits, put on flew let you from the well-behaved girl turned cool cool woman, rare big cell! The most important thing is that the knights can make us seconds to change the long legs, the proportion of nine body is no longer a dream ~ the most annoying inside the increase in a shoe can be seen within the high design, there is a kind of chicken Small embarrassment. And this pair of Martin boots, within the high design is very easy way out, do not carefully observe really can not see. Flat with soles, so that your winter is more light and comfortable. Xiao Bian, but very like this pair of low-key light boots, style is also the big push this year, the big T station models. And winter is the need for a little red, this pair of under armour shoes dark red tones of the boots slightly embellished the body, more than wearing a red coat more interesting. Rough with heel, ah, seriously do not really tired day street Oh! Are this age, be sure to start a pair of boots with cashmere. Feet do warm, the body will warm a few minutes. Do women, fight is not a moment of beauty, but a lifetime of beauty. Young lay the foundation when the young, 30 + age will be good color Oh! So much rough with the boots, it is time to a pair of thin with the boots. Although the thin boots with a grinding demon, but compared to the rough with the boots, it has irreplaceable feminine. Winter can not avoid their own bloated wrapped, so anxious to a pair of thin boots with their own graceful Oh! Chelsea boots, rough look ugly, put on is absolutely more like to wear. It is suitable for your wardrobe with every set, wild holy goods but also so ah. Every winter, fashion bloggers will choose it as if the winter only buy a pair of boots necessary list. The biggest advantage in the boots, than the role of warm and very strong. This pair of boots, using a leather production, in the warm and add a guarantee. Look at the streets of the past few years to know that this pair of shoes before and after the fight is absolutely long winter models, by the fine fashion and street show people love Oh!

    2017-05-24 11:23:45
  • Winter warm sun, nor snow boots to bring you warm!

    The most comfortable thing in winter is the warmest sun, and in the cold winter, there is a warm sunshine is simply a kind of enjoyment. However, the face of the winter travel, the warmest is not the sun, but that a pair of warm snow boots to bring you! Snow boots so that your feet are no longer cold, but warm and coax, and good with another type, winter travel preferred! Leather flat skid ski boots. This snow boots is the style of Chelsea boots, so very elegant atmosphere. Shoes on the surface is a good leather material, the sole non-slip, the most important thing is the hair inside the hair really super warm, put on such boots, no matter where the feet must be warm, and very good clothes, Winter wide pants, long windbreaker is a great match!

    The Hairy boots look at the past to give people a warm and comfortable feeling, and shoes with fox hair, more soft and delicate, the overall shape is now very popular very popular version of the type, wrapped in a large down jacket, wearing a leggings , With such a snow boots, like! Beautiful ultra-low to help leather snow boots, classic warm super comfortable soft matte, feel smooth and comfortable, elegant ultra-low to help design faint winter sexy ~ barefoot no problem, the inner wall and the insole is wool blended, more warm, thick Thin legs pants with a long legs, super-forced, warm and comfortable, full of gas ~ snow boots is a special pig skin material, soles used thick base, both can be high, but also non-slip wear. The use of fashionable buckle design, you can freely adjust the opening of the shoes, and it seems more Fan Fan, with it from the coat, down jacket, etc. will have a different taste! Snow boots can be described as the appearance of fashion tide shoes, snow boots core! The outside looks like a fashionable Martin boots, but also thicker at the end, but the hair of the shoes, snow boots is always the same warm, soft and comfortable! Tang Yan are wearing this one! Snow boots classic round design, matte leather material, plus velvet thickened inner core, non-slip comfortable soles, coupled with hairy, Meng Meng da's upper, is simply the winter will be defeated ah! Mm are they waiting for what? A pair of good snow boots, from its warm performance and boots on the type. This is a snow boots on these two advantages, shoes are very casual daily style, and Xiaobian like cheap under armour strap design, the same color of the shoelaces to look beautiful shoes!

    2017-05-23 11:15:18
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