EPIC Charter Schools, State Auditor heading to court to decide if school must release financial records

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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – After more than a year of back in forth between EPIC Charter Schools and state auditors, a judge will finally decide if EPIC must release its financial records. 

A hearing on the matter has officially been scheduled for December 16-18.  

“It’s just simply accountability and making sure we are being good stewards with taxpayer dollars,” State Representative Mickey Dollins told News 4. “If there’s nothing to hide then they should have no problem with releasing that financial information.”

A former teacher, Dollins says he’s not the only one at the capitol concerned about EPIC Charter Schools.  

“Other legislatures across the aisle have raised issues and concerns with this, Governor Stitt has called the audit on EPIC charter schools,” Dollins said. “We’re just simply wanting to have those people receiving taxpayer dollar be held accountable.”

That’s where the state and EPIC disagree.

EPIC’s “learning fund” takes in

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Adverty Completes Integration with US-Based Digital Advertising Technology Platform Smaato

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Adverty AB (publ) has completed the technical integration with US-based Smaato’s Digital Advertising Technology Platform, which gives publishers and app developers control over their monetisation strategy when delivering ads to mobile apps and games. The partnership enables Smaato’s wide range of global buy-side partners and advertisers to access Adverty’s new seamless in-game ad inventory at scale.

Adverty, the leading in-game platform for advertisers, agencies and content creators, announces the completed platform integration with US-based Smaato’s Digital Advertising Technology Platform used by top brands and media buyers to specifically access advertising space in mobile games and applications. The partnership, signed at the end of last year, allows Smaato’s buy-side clients to access Adverty’s unique seamless in-game ad inventory at scale, while Adverty can tap into global marketers looking to advertise within games.

“The core of Smaato’s Digital Advertising Technology Platform is to help app developers create seamless, tailored and engaging experiences”,

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