Role of Financial Management in Corporate Structure | Small Business

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As your business grows, you will move from a flat organizational structure, or one where several key managers report directly to you, to a more traditional, or functional structure. A functional structure organizes your business by departments, with finance one of these. Although finance will be only one of your departments, financial management occurs throughout all of your departments to ensure your company’s profitability.

Corporate Structure

While there are a variety of ways to organize a business, most small businesses use the functional model, creating departments for human resources, marketing, finance, information technology, sales and production. As businesses grow larger, they might create a C-suite, or group of executives who oversee strategic planning for the corporation, rather than a specific function. The term C-suite comes from the titles of these executives, which include chief executive officer, chief financial officer and chief operating officer.

Finance Department

A finance department might evolve

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Synchrony Financial Is Still Profitable (NYSE:SYF)

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Due to the novel coronavirus and resulting economic hardship, credit card companies have taken a hit over the past half year. In my recent articles on Capital One Financial (COF), Capitalize On Capital One Financial and Capital One Is Trading Lower Than Tangible Book Value, I have analyzed the past two quarters’ financial results, the company’s financial health, charge-offs and forbearance, and valuation. What I found was that the bank had a good long-term outlook with a low valuation. Due to this, I am going to analyze more credit card companies to see if more bargains can be found. I recently looked at Discover (DFS) in the last article which can be read here. What I saw was that the trends were just like Capital One’s, but the value was far worse.

In this article, I will focus on Synchrony Financial (SYF) to see if it offers the

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