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Fashionable lap shoes how to wear clothing girl heart?

And finally to the season to wear shoes, from 2017 onwards, the trend of the shoes have been quietly changing, low heels have a higher appearance rate, become the new darling trend Xiaobian here for you to recommend the new season's popular strap shoes, you can easily know what to buy and how to wear.

Last year, tied the band's "ballet shoes" has been popular in the world, compared to the flat style, slightly more with a little more charming children, even with a pair of jeans such as male single product, but also minutes back to your girl heart. under armour shoes But the more the tie, the stronger the presence of shoes, the choice of clothes to avoid the level of too much, so as to avoid the overall chaos. Moreover, this highlights foot shoes are more suitable for thin foot type.

Rock T-shirt + nine horns + black tie shoes, the weekend should be so wear! A little bit heel will be able to make your legs a little bit a little better, tie style to cool style also with a touch of girls tone. Ladies wind short jacket with pleated half skirt so good temperament, a pair of red strap shoes to look longer legs, feminine more foot. With black strap shoes to echo your retro style and then fit, but need a pair of fine shoes to avoid too nostalgic. Large area of ??the legs with the choice to tie shoes to embellish, especially the choice of dark coat, the playful shoes to let you immediately bid farewell to "dead"

Army green jacket and nine pants, people feel very tough, you need a pair of strap shoes to add some girls temperament, mix is ??sometimes so simple.