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Feet looks good woman, is the real beauty!

In fact, there is no certain boundaries for the aesthetic of the foot, but there is a certain measure. Girls feet feet size, not too large or too small, toe was a well-proportioned, buttocks below the joints can not be too prominent, full of high heels to wear high-heeled shoes will show a soft bend of the lines, the foot is not too thick cocoon Nail trimmed as round as possible. In fact, each person's foot type is not the same, because the shape of foot and shoes do not match. Wearing high heels and then cause uncomfortable. Today want to teach girls how to choose a pair of feet according to foot wear comfortable high heels. Egyptian feet for shoes to wear a little bit of slim shoes, which can increase clothes and comfort. If compared with the second thumb to the big toe longer, then choose to tip to the side of the oblique pointed shoes or oblique shoes. Because the second with the toes longer, so wear the pointed shoes will feel more comfortable. If your second thumb is relatively long, then your foot is the Greek foot. Legend of the foot of the girls can be goddess Oh!

?Rome feet also known as square feet, this foot type of people are not particularly prominent toes, round head or square shoes can make feet and shoes clothes and comfort to a higher level. In addition, if it is wearing sports shoes, then, because there is not so many shoes shape design, some girls will feel uncomfortable to wear, teach you a few for the different foot type corresponding shoelace tied, learn to play these simple small rope Knot, your feet will be able to spend a comfortable day.

High arch refers to the central part of the soles of the foot area is relatively narrow, the position of the arch is higher. Using the Department of the Department of shoelace method, to minimize the pressure caused by the laces under armour womens shoes tied to the tongue. Or the shoelace from the middle part of the shoe began to cross, from the middle part of the head to the shoelace can be bypass. Heel sliding is a lot of people in the face of the problems encountered. First you have to fix your heel in the most comfortable position. And then take the normal cross-tied shoelace method, the lace through the ankle near the two laces hole, and then knotted. If you have a wide gap between your feet, you need to prepare two pairs of shoelaces. The under armour shoes first pair of shoelaces from the head of the shoes tied to the middle position, the second from the middle to the bottom position tied. Two pairs of shoelaces can be used with different degrees of tightness. Shoes often feel when the instep pain, it may be too tight shoelace, for this problem, tie shoelace when you can properly bypass part of the shoe hole, reduce the burden of the instep. Onychomycosis, nail congestion, corns and other toes problems can be mitigated by different shoelaces. You can divert a shoelace to the end of the shoe hole, so you can give the toe to provide more space. The greatest degree of liberation of them.