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Liberate your feet, pick this summer fashionable sandals

Early summer is approaching, in the face of the upcoming hot summer, sister paper may have to prepare a good summer fashion items, and summer to field big fight, sandals, but this summer out of the street tide goods, it can Hot and intolerable summer to bring you the slightest sense of coolness, the liberation of your feet, the election shoes will have to choose fashionable tide, so that our cool sister who can at any time out of the concave shape Well, then with Xiaobian together Let's under armour outlet see! Parallel strap is nowadays the most popular style, from the hot ring ankle high heel sandals can be seen. Geometric elements have always been full of design sense of fashionable keywords, big articles on the strap, crystal, beads, chain can try. Fine high-heeled sandals is this year's ultra-popular style, sexy fine show women charm, but also cool girl must be less fashion out of the street tide goods. Slope sandals are essential for women summer shoes, because of its comfortable thick bottom design, increased while also stretching the proportion of the legs, has been loved by the sister paper.

Sandals in the spring and summer of this year's resurgence has become the trend of the global fashion circles, if you have no Roman sandals this equipment, you really can not say their own fashion. Europe and the United States pine cake leather sandals. Simple and stylish design style highlights the pursuit of minimalism, the use of high-quality leather fabric production filling the pursuit of quality, personality design of the side of the European and American style, the appropriate low-heeled design to wear it was thin and more wild The A very casual personality of the sandals, a little retro style charm, low with the use of the hemp production for you to create a comfortable wearing experience, black and white color design unique fashion wind, lining the first layer of leather is simply Low profile luxury sense. Leather flat bottom Roman shoes. This year is very fire version of the design comfortable and wild, the new thick sandals on the foot is very temperament, the choice of high-quality fabric design is a sense of quality and grade, very atmospheric and stylish. Non-slip wear-resistant soles soft rebound ultra-comfortable. Sexy patent leather fish mouth sandals. Sexy fashionable patent leather fish mouth sandals show the king style, but also this year's ultra-popular style it, shallow mouth of the waterproof design, sexy fashion walking will not be tired, one type of cuff design practical and more beautiful, it is suitable for daily Outfit. Cross straps retro sandals. Classic fashion retro under armour shoes style design full of classical charm, cross the strap design to show fashion personality wind, British wind fish mouth Roman lace you experience the trend of fashion, wild was thin personality sandals with you play summer street take.

Pointed hollow sandals. Fashion sexy radian design filled with the goddess of temperament, the soles are high-quality particles used to wear anti-skid comfortable atmosphere, matte suede fabric a little retro feeling, plus fine with the pointed design a little sexy retro charm. Thick with shallow mouth Baotou sandals. Classic succinct thick with shallow mouth sandals, empty personality after the design is simple yet simple. Pink tone design highlights pure girl temperament, the use of high-quality Xiu skin fabric is a low-key luxury, wild style suitable for daily out under armour shoes of the street Oh!