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Newly bought high heels Do not be afraid, there are small coup to help you

High heels so many women love and hate, no woman does not love high heels, because high heels can change our temperament, every woman is beautiful, and sometimes even for the United States, and sacrifice themselves, each girl's heels are blood and tears History! In fact, need not be so. If you really want to wear 7 to 10 cm heels, here are a few small ways to help you relieve the pain of the feet. Newly bought shoes, wear always grinding feet, even hundreds of thousands of brand name is sometimes the case, so it is very painful ah! Here to teach you a few tips to help lift the new shoe grinding feet, distressed. New shoes most likely to wear feet of the two places, one heel, one big toe outside.

1, with a wet towel in the foot of the shoe parts to cover for a few minutes, and then take a piece of dry soft towels wrapped around the crowded feet, with a hammer to knock a few times, the shoes grinding the foot of the place to knock on the smooth, And after leveling will not wear a foot.

2, take a newspaper, pinched into a group, dip some water, do not be too wet, but the whole group are stained with water, and then take Zhang dry newspaper wrapped in wet newspaper, stuffed in the crowded feet, and then the shoes Sealed in a under armour womens shoes plastic bag, overnight, it can.

3, if the new shoes due to too small and pinch, may wish to use wet towel cover wet, and then shoes wedge big, wear it on the foot of the.

4, first take block of soap in the heel contact with the most part of a thin layer of thin, heel will become smooth and no longer grinding feet. We may wish to try!

High heels are beautiful, but the beauty of the baby or according to their own situation to buy, do not choose too high heels, the following Xiaobian recommend to the baby some nice and good wear high heels it. Seemingly simple pair of shoes, behind the hidden number of thoughts, from the beginning of the design, repeated scrutiny, from a scientific point of view, and strive to foot effect and walking comfort, material selection we choose good quality, adhere to good craft, only for your dedication to Classic pointed shallow mouth, with 6.5cm side rough with, after the package in the full use of ultra-fine wool Minimalist style, enduring. Rough with the comfort is better than the fine high-heeled, commute and leisure can wear. Many times to modify the last type, shoe body lines smooth, 7 classic color, how to wear a type, is absolutely indispensable with a single product

2017 popular fashion circle of a career success women's sheepskin high heels, fashion MM's favorite, wild and comfortable, interpretation of your distinctive temperament. Wearing old age outdated shoes, is completely a waste of youth, a pair of fine shoes can fully reflect a woman's strong gas field and taste.