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Simple and elegant, spring is not a pair of fashion shoes!

The recent temperature is straight under armour sale to 20 degrees ah, Xiaobian here is the spring atmosphere is getting thicker. Walking in the streets, my sister began to have put on a single shoe. In this season of ankle, shoes have always under armour womens shoes been our hearts love, but want to wear out their own style with the whole, how little less a pair of beautiful shoes embellishment it? In fact, the style of a single shoe is very much, there are elegant range of children, there are simple models, as well as fashion retro style, fast to follow Xiaobian see it This year in the end what kind of shoes will occupy your shoe cabinet! Retro rough with the shoes of the two popular, round small, square head intellectual, coupled with easy walking comfortable rough with, really every girl should start One of the style Oh Small round of the shoes cheap under armour of delicate and elegant shoes, shoes made of the shape of the flowers add a lovely girl temperament. Sheepskin cortex is very soft and comfortable breathable, but also not grinding feet. Heel is the shape of the side, walking very secure.

Toe the surface of the British buckle, is also very fashionable, coupled with the trend of the wide leg pants, to ensure that your high rate of keep it, heel high 5.6 cm, thick with the design so you do not wear high heels so tired, but And very temperament. The first layer of leather material soft and delicate, so that the upper is very glossy, and comfortable breathable do not hold feet. Toe is a small square head, not crowded feet, with a high degree of fit, the center of gravity is very stable. The other ankle made pearl buckle design, retro elegant temperament. To talk about the degree of comfort, side with rough but also very good, but in the end arrived but flat shoes. Daily commute shopping, the flat with the shoes must be one of the girls preferred, so the selection of the style is also particularly important. Relatively simple and generous British style, clean, simple yet elegant. With tall three or four centimeters high, soles of the feet are also very comfortable, will not give a very hard feeling.

Shoes are your daily go out do not know what shoes, wear him can, a simple pair of jeans can take a good look. Tendon at the end of the very soft, very light feet, like this shoe is the most important foot feeling, a variety of colors to let you pick. Breathable ultra-fiber inside, than the leather inside the market more durable wear sweat, feet feel more comfortable, so that your feet are able to keep dry and comfortable. Simple and generous style, spring wear just right. Shoes in front of the metal buckle is also very nice look fine! Some people love rough with, some people love flat with, that naturally some people love high-heeled shoes. In fact, remove the comfort of the problem, high-heeled, especially the thin high-heeled shoes is really a mustor of the female artifacts one of the essential artifacts. Very suitable for commuter or dinner and other occasions wearing ladies Fan high heels, vamps and lace are made of suede, very soft. Pointed toe head kind of overbearing female president of the gas field, coupled with 10cm or so fine high-heeled, and sharp and elegant.