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Want a small white shoes show a new height, why not use this trick?

Small white shoes as popular fashion for several years a single product, sister who almost everyone has it. But for a long time, in the rainy day of the scouring, in the sun's exposure, it will become bleak, or even yellow, because the small white shoes itself is not dirty, so that the value of small white shoes directly down, Do you still like it? For the cleanliness of the sister, the white shoes turn black and yellow is absolutely can not stand, and it kept cleaning several times, or less than the original color. Is your method right? Do not worry, learn this recipe, so that your small white shoes show a new height, quickly followed up with small editors. Will be unloading oil drops in the small white shoes dirty place, brush cheap under armour with a brush to turn yellow. Or unloading a few drops of water in the water, the proportion of water and unloading oil to be appropriate, the water should not be too much, then the small white shoes soak for a while, and finally rinse, wrapped with napkins dry. Wild casual canvas shoes, with a high increase in a shoe. If you feel that your sister is not high enough, this intimate design just to meet you, that will not feel tired, the increase can also be removed, easy to use. And a lot of solid color models, super wild, never out of date.

Xiao Bian tried this toothpaste, the effect is better than the laundry liquid. In the small white shoes dirty place on the amount of toothpaste, with a cloth or brush hard to wipe. If not enough, you can drop a few drops of white vinegar with the use of the effect may be better. Very casual Western style of a leather small white shoes, cortical texture is very good, shoes on the surface of the hole, so you will not be hot in the summer to wear. Water ripples slippers, in the rain will not wrestle. With a thick bottom design, step on the road is not smooth, the soles of the feet will be comfortable and comfortable. Put a spoonful of baking soda into a pot of water, the baking soda stir evenly, so that it dissolves in the water, then the small white shoes into the soda water, soak for a while. Take out the shoes and then soap a few times, and finally clean. Wash the small white shoes wrapped in cheap under armour napkins, you can pack several layers, so that it will be isolated from the sun some, to avoid direct exposure to yellowing. The first layer of leather fringed shallow mouth small white shoes, texture super bar, summer wear very breathable. Inside design is simple and soft, wearing more comfortable. Sole use non-slip material, with wear resistance, while easing the pressure caused by the uneven sections.