Evaluating Advertising Channels in a Post-Ad-ID World: Four Criteria for Marketers

mobile advertisingAs digital identifiers that have enabled audience targeting online go by the wayside—from the demise of third-party cookies to Apple’s IDFA-related changes—new solutions and measurement tactics must—and will—evolve. And so will the ways in which marketers evaluate different advertising channels in light of these changes. Here four criteria that marketers should consider when determining which channels will drive results in a world without digital identifiers, according to a piece in AdExchanger from Ari Buchalter, CEO at Intersection.


Marketers will need to better understanding each channel’s ability to delivery reach to a specific audience, despite touting their capabilities of generating “massive scale.”


Reach is of no use to marketers unless consumers are engaged—and that engagement and trust varies from platform to platform. Marketers will need to evaluate each one to determine which media type will enhance consumer recall and brand trust.


True costs of media buys are difficult to determine because digital channels have unique processes and metrics around them. But as media planning shifts to a more normalized state, comparisons of CPMs across channels will become easier and allow for more holistic plans.


Different advertising channels offer varying degrees of brand safety. Brands will have to evaluate how each channel measures up and what the risks are so that brand values are aligned with the content it’s advertising against.

For more detail on these criteria for evaluating advertising channels, read more in AdExchanger.

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