Free ebook: 7 signs you may have an advertising conversion problem

In digital advertising, good decisions are driven by meaningful data. But today’s advertisers are faced with an abundance of it. It used to be that more data was better, but now, businesses are extracting such a wide variety from such a broad spectrum of sources, just knowing where to start is a challenge.

Fortunately, regardless of your business or industry, there are a few common ways to identify advertising conversion problems that impact your bottom line.

In the newest ebook by Postclick, they detail the seven most common signs you have an advertising conversion problem. Each of these indicators emphasizes that online consumers deserve a personalized post-ad-click experience for them to convert. Brands like yours must continue the same narrative from the ad through the landing page.

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The new ebook also details why brands focusing on direct response advertising must have a personalized post-click strategy in place to generate conversions and close more sales.

You can expect these takeaways from the ebook:

The industry average CVR across Google and Facebook

A staggering 96% of ad clicks don’t convert on Google. For Facebook, about 90% of clicks fail to convert. These low conversion rates are the result of a variety of factors. Every business is unique, and to discover what ‘low‘ means for you requires examining past trends in your own data. These subpar results don’t have to be the norm. Don’t settle for average conversion rates. See what you can do, today, to increase your CVR.

The seven best landing page design best practices

Mainstream web design has evolved through years of user research, and today’s best post-click landing pages share some commonalities. This ebook highlights the most important elements to incorporate and why conversion-centered design can help you identify a problem you may not have otherwise realized.

The four common causes why brands struggle with low CTR

CTR and CVR are closely related metrics, and to generate maximum conversions, you must have a solution in both the pre- and post-click stages. Here, brands can evaluate their entire funnel looking at the ad network, targeting, ad creative and the offer to improve campaign results.

Why low conversions can be traced to a mismatched pre- and post-click stage

All advertisers want more leads, and a low number of leads is often the result of other pre- and post-click stage issues. In addition to the seven landing page design best practices, see what other factors you can evaluate to provide users a great experience and persuade them to convert.

Learn how to benchmark your CVR to others in your industry

Knowing your CVR is one thing, but how do you stack up against your competitors’ domains and landing page experiences? Postclick’s expert team helps brands with this in-depth analysis of conversion health by benchmarking your site with those of your competitors.

Download the ebook for free today and stop settling for average conversion rates.

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