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What is a Non-Profit Organization? A Non-Profit Organization is one that is driven by a dedication to a social cause rather than by profit. They can be seen in various forms like informal neighborhood associations, soup kitchens, local churches, or traditional charities serving the poor to labor unions, self- help groups, trusts, cooperatives, advocacy, charity, environmental and religious groups. What are the problems faced by NPOs in India? Nonprofits rely on the dedication of employees who believe in their cause and mostly run by volunteers. On every 1000 people there are around four nonprofits in urban areas and 2.3 nonprofits in rural areas, in India. All fighting for one purpose, that is to address the social and political issues. The issues like providing the basic necessities of water, food and clothing to the needy section of society, to fight against the social discrimination and exclusion, to provide the equal rights to men, women, transgenders, provide elementary education, skill raining, fight against domestic violence and the list goes on. Nonprofits rely on donations to be able to successfully accomplish their established mission. Fundraising is the NPO’s lifeblood. It enables them to achieve their mission by helping others and bringing in more resources to fund their efforts. What are the challenges that NPO face while fundraising?

  1. Finding New Donors: People nowadays have become more aware, and they think twice before giving their money, even for a noble cause. They will do their research, talk to friends and family, and if the NPO’s name does not come up in their study, they will hesitate to donate.
  2. Donor Retention: Someone can donate once, for believing in the cause or due to their emotional reasons, but getting them to donate twice and more regularly is a tough task.
  3. Lack of Resources: Many times, the NPOs do not have funds or resources or knowledge to invest in some campaigns like email campaigns, community events, video campaigns and to build and retain donor interest.

To fight all or some of the above fundraising issues, online fundraising solutions can be really handy and helpful. They have automated marketing systems that make raising money fast and simple. What is Donorbox? Donorbox is a powerful fundraising software that is super simple to set up and attracts more recurring donors. Donorbox, a US-based technology company, has a simple mission to help individuals and non-profit organizations all over the world to receive donations over the internet through a simple yet effective tool. Being founded in 2014 in San Francisco, California, it has already made an impact on the world by raising 500+ million donations in 40+ countries by inspiring 2.5+ million donors through running 50,000+ fundraising campaigns. Not only has it created a donation platform, but also it has maintained a nonprofit blog to inspire and support non-profit organizations across the globe. In the beginning, Donorbox was launched as a free WordPress plug-in with Paypal and Stripe. Now, it has become a fully-fledged donation platform catering to all the fundraising needs of nonprofits. How Donorbox helps Indian Non-Profits Organizations? In a recent interview withRaviraj Hegde, the Growth Director at Donorbox said “As India is adapting with digital payments, it’s a great time for non-profits to start accepting online donations. We are excited to expand our presence in India. We are looking forward to opening our corporate office in Bangalore and will try to help as many Indian nonprofits as possible.” It is providing multiple features on its platform to make the fundraising process easy and more straightforward for the organizations. It provides a quick and seamless payment experience and supports almost all online payment methods e.g., Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal with Express One Touch and all the major credit cards.

    • It provides the organizations a platform and means to market their campaign, share and spread their message to the whole world.
    • It shares the campaign on all the Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin to attract more donors.
    • It provides a really cool feature called Goal Meter with which the organizations can share their fundraising progress with the world.
    • The campaign gets its own Donor Wall, which will contain all the messages and comments from the donors.
  • World Wide Opportunities:
    • Donorbox provides the support to create the fundraising form in 11 different languages – English, French, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, German, Danish, Portuguese, and Swedish.
    • It accepts multiple currencies and INR is one of the acceptable currencies that makes the subscription process easier for Indian nonprofits.
    • Donorbox is successfully supporting the two major nonprofits in India: Shanti Bhavan and Masks for India and helping them in their cause.
  • Safety and Security:
    • Donorbox provides important security measures to keep its donors and donations safe.
    • It is using SSL/TLS Encryption technology in the donation forms to make the checkout process extremely secure.
    • It does not store any card information with themselves.
    • Donorbox provides NPOs ways to learn more about the donor.
    • It asks a few custom questions to donors, and based on their answers; it creates a donor profile.
    • Donorbox helps nonprofit create a login for each donor and offers them to set up a recurring donation plan. Edit their recurring plans too.
    • Donorbox provides integration options with various other applications.
    • It promotes Email Marketing Integration with Mailchimp, where the NPO can easily sync their donors with their mailing list and stay in touch with them.
    • It gives the option to integrate with Salesforce NPSP, if you are looking for a full fledged CRM for your nonprofit organization.
    • It helps the NPO’s to monitor their fundraising efforts to check what is working and what is not.
    • It supports various tools for monitoring the same as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and AdWords Tracking.
  • Fully Customizable Donation Forms:
    • Donorbox provides the facility to NPOs to brand their donation page with its color scheme, style, and logo.
    • The donation forms are ready to be launched in 30 minutes and are very easy to create.
    • Setting up Monthly repeat donations can be done with a single click.
    • Automated personalized receipt emails are sent to all the donors.

In a nutshell, Donorbox aims at generating more donations and at the same time, causing less hassle to donors and the NPOs.BasicallyDonorbox allows you to focus on what you do best – working on the cause you believe in the most. It takes away all the hassle of fundraising and accounting for you. Happy Indian Nonprofits Donorbox is successfully working with two of the huge nonprofits in India and supporting them with their cause. Shanti Bhavan, an NGO which empowers children from India’s lowest socioeconomic class to break the cycle of poverty through education, leadership, and compassion and Masks for India, a not-for-profit initiative of NCR students to provide masks and vital daily supplies to the most vulnerable communities are both using the services of Donorbox to generate massive donations from all across the globe for their cause. Donorbox is the simplest, affordable, user friendly, fast and feature rich fundraising platform that has proved its worth in India and the world.It has helped nonprofits get huge success in accomplishing their goals. Donorbox is a convenient and reliable fundraising software for both, the donors and Indian nonprofits.