National Association of Realtors Takes Advertising Campaign Global

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The National Association of Realtors is adding more languages to its marketing collaboration with Photofy, to help Realtors capture more business outside of the United States, it was announced Thursday.

Vince Malta | Photo credit: NAR

The organization introduced its partnership with Photofy, a content creation app, in January. It allows members to create personalized content and messages from NAR’s “That’s Who We R,” campaign. Members can now share customized content in French, Japanese, Romanian and Portuguese, as well as Spanish and English, languages that were previously available.

“NAR is fortunate to have the scale, resources and member support to back a national advertising campaign that exemplifies who Realtors are and the value they bring to a transaction,” NAR President Vince Malta, said in a statement.

“And as we work to ensure our members can maximize the campaign to make their businesses more successful, we’re excited that Realtors will be able to utilize this new international language feature to share messages with countless potential clients in America and across the globe.”

Through the expanded collaboration, NAR members can now share more than 100 marketing assets in dozens of additional counties. The association has more than 100 partner associations in more in more than 85 countries.

The expansion is part of the NAR Global team’s ongoing effort to create more global business for both foreign and domestic members, according to a spokesperson from NAR. It allows both buyers to maintain international partnerships and expand brand recognition worldwide.

The marketing assets will allow them to build upon the already existing annual rate of 5-10 percent foreign investment in U.S. property, although a spokesperson from NAR did not specify if the timing coincided with increased investment.

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