NVAO program accreditation is not mandatory, however only accredited programs are eligible for presidency funding and public pupil Union Elementary School loans. Accreditation is predicated on the evaluation of self-evaluation reviews and on-site inspections. “I feel like my tutors are more accessible now, which provides me peace of thoughts. And […]

Richard C. Shadyac Jr., Opinion contributor Published 7:00 a.m. ET Aug. 5, 2020 CLOSE Dr. Larry Brilliant, known for his role in helping to eradicate smallpox, says we can defeat COVID-19 — if we can get our wits about us. USA TODAY Sporting events large and small help power fundraising […]

PHOENIX–(Business Wire)–BusyKid announced today it is joining forces with The American Public Education Foundation to achieve both organization’s mutual goal of improving financial education and literacy in the United States. According to the S&P Global FinLit Survey, by the World Bank, Gallup, and George Washington University, the United States ranks […]