Also, close to to Amsterdam is the Nekkeveld property conservation project. After the Second World War, large new neighbourhoods were built within the western, southeastern, and northern parts of the town. These new neighbourhoods have been built to relieve the city’s scarcity of living area and give individuals reasonably priced […]

Barbara Ortutay, Associated Press Published 5:38 p.m. ET Aug. 26, 2020 CLOSE After six years of pledges to close the racial gap, Facebook still struggles to hire, promote and retain Black and other underrepresented minorities. USA TODAY Facebook is pushing back on new Apple privacy rules for its mobile devices […]

Ads still matter. Who knew? / Getty Images By the time last week was done, I was overwhelmed by the tech industry’s twisted nature. There were the straight-faced obfuscations of tech CEOs before the pure souls of Congress. There were tech industry internal emails produced by Congress that showed some […]

Share Tweet Share Share Share Print Email Facebook’s capacity to provide targeted advertisements to those who have iPhones as they use other apps could be hampered by updates to Apple’s latest operating system (OS), according to the social media company, The Wall Street Journal reported. The updates are implemented with […]