The current economic landscape is leading consumers to be more mindful of how they’re spending their money. That means today’s customers are shopping around for the best deal more than ever, presenting a significant challenge for business owners, especially if they’re trying to compete with bigger brands that have lower […]

Mistakes made by any broker you appoint will directly reflect on your business judgment getty Raising a round of investment is a daunting experience. Most entrepreneurs will, at some stage, ask themselves a question: would I be better served hiring a broker to lead the fundraising? It is certainly a sensible question […]

In a tech company, the people selling your product usually aren’t the same ones who developed it. Your sales numbers and customer retention can significantly decline if the members of your sales team don’t fully understand your product’s capabilities and functionality. They may under-promote it, leaving out key details that […]

The world’s economy has taken a massive hit, which means that companies will be looking to cut down on different expenses to stay afloat. Unfortunately, many of these businesses will look at their advertising budget when considering what to cut. While advertising can be a significant expense to a business, […]